Ten Years.
Dozens of Coaches. Thousands of Students.
Tens of Thousands of Acceptances.
Over 100,000 Essays Reviewed.

Let Prompt help you stand out and get in.

Prompt is personal. We were founded in 2014 by three MIT graduates and friends who wanted to help others become better writers. Brad Schiller, Jordan Haines, and John Parsons personally reviewed thousands of essays — often working around the clock to help students — before deciding to recruit a team. Today, Prompt has over 75 experienced Writing Coaches who provide expert video coaching and written feedback to students on their college application essays. We’ve coached more than 30,000 students with more starting their Prompt journey every day.

Our mission is to help students express their unique voices and stand out on their applications so they can get into their dream schools. Our goal is to make people better writers along the way — using coaching and feedback throughout the writing process, from planning to revising.  

We Believe In

Accessibility For All

Prompt is the most affordable college essay advising company out there

Custom and
professional support

We offer a customized timeline that emphasizes efficient content mapping paired with ambitious and actionable feedback models to ensure you are making continual progress. We keep working with you until you are confident and proud of your final draft.

Student voice and choice

Prompt guides students to write about experiences in a way that is authentic to their voice. We offer suggestions and work alongside students to highlight them as a unique applicant so they can stand out and get into their dream schools.

Helping students
show their best selves

Prompt focuses our feedback on helping students improve their thinking and writing; we provide actionable instruction on content and structure that students can apply to their next drafts.

Research-backed methods

Our core team has over 75 years of experience in helping students apply to college. Every part of our process is research- and experience-informed. In today’s rapidly changing higher education landscape, our team meets with dozens of admissions officers every year from a wide range of US and UK universities to continue refining our pedagogy.

Diversity and authenticity

With coaches from all over the USA and the world, Prompt is the best-suited service to honor each student’s unique background and experiences. We get to know each student, their goals, and their personalities and help them write their own authentic story.

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We value ensuring student safety and security. We screen and background check all of our employees, and we never share private information outside of your student’s support team. Prompt is committed to inclusivity, and we work to ensure all students have a space with us where they can be fully themselves

Supporting Medical, Education,
and Armed Forces

Prompt supports and celebrates families who are in the fields of medicine, education, and the armed forces. We offer a special discount for families of students who are in those fields, as well as for students who intend to apply to medical, education, or armed forces majors/programs

To access this discount,

reach out to one of our program specialists

Getting to Know Our Students

We get to know your family and their needs from the very first phone call or email. When you pick Prompt, we match you with a Writing Coach who will be the best fit for your family, taking into account your school list, desired major, personality traits, and everything else we need to know to create the perfect match. 

Not only will you have a Writing Coach you will work with through one-on-one video calls and robust written feedback, but each of our packages also includes individualized support from a Student Success Manager. Your SSM works with your family to create a personalized essay schedule and hold your student accountable, all while being your go-to person for any questions you have along the way.

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Our Approach

Our personalized approach works: every student receives the benefit of Prompt’s ten years of experience, extensive research on trends and best practices in college admissions, and the direct support of admissions professionals. Hundreds of our alumni are attending Ivy League, specialized programs, and top 100 colleges.

We work with all types of colleges and all types of students - from the artistic student applying to prestigious portfolio programs like SCAD to the STEM student applying to institutes of technology, such as Georgia Tech, and everything in between!