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Spend 2 minutes answering 10 questions about your academics and personal side. Then, we’ll sent you a FREE report showing you how you stack up with other applicants based on real admissions data from Ivy and equivalent colleges. Plus, we’ll tell you what you can do to improve you admissions chances!

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About Prompt, The Maker of
“What Are My Chances?”

Prompt is the largest College Application and Essay Coaching Company globally. Over the past decade, we’ve coached over 35,000 students. 98% of Prompt students get into one or more of their top-choice colleges. Thousands of our students are at Ivy and equivalent colleges.

Prompt’s Founder, Brad Schiller, created this questionnaire by analyzing publicly available admissions data from Ivy and equivalent colleges, such as the thousands of pages of documents on Harvard’s admissions process from the Students for Fair Admissions Supreme Court Case. Brad was fed up with inaccurate recommendations provided by college search sites that only used GPA and SAT/ACT scores. In fact, your strength of curriculum, AP scores (if applicable), and the personal side of application are critical in Ivy and equivalent admissions.

But also, Brad found many students who are competitive at Ivy and equivalent colleges aren’t bothering to apply due to the misinformation around what it takes to get in. Our “What are my chances?” will give you a much better sense of your chances and what you need to do to improve your chances than any other “chances” quiz on the internet.

Find Out My Chances!

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98% of Prompt students get into one or more of their top-choice colleges.

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